tisdag 3 december 2013

Thank you

Family, friends, colleagues (none mentioned, none forgotten)– I’m finally back home after five months in hospital! During these months I’ve had my ups and downs. Some periods it felt like I’m in complete hell. I was first hospitalized because of infection and blood poisoning. Weeks later I had something similar to a heart infarction.  Now, I know and fully understand I  was very, very close to die from stroke in August. I am of course so happy Charon didn’t take me across the river Styx that day! Last week my heart operation was made and I got a new stent and a type of heart valves, this was planned several months ago.

I’ve been strong and stubborn though – I never give up or quit. I’m so very thankful for encouraging greetings by mail, on Facebook, phone and many visits. I’m thankful for chocolate, fruits, magazines, books, films and many more gifts, but most of all I am grateful for all your thoughts and caring for me by greetings from all over Sweden and from far away places as USA, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Rwanda, Macedonia, Kosovo, Singapore, New Zealand and many more places.

 So, family, friends and colleagues, you mean so very much to me and from the bottom of my (rebuilt) heart, I am very thankful to you. I love you all!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Christian, vilken underbar nyhet och den basta julklappen kan jag tanka mig! Kan inte ens forestalla mig vad du gatt igenom men det gladjer mig att lasa att det gar at ratt hall. Hoppas du/ni far en fantastisk jul och ser fram emot inlagg och diskussioner om drycker och resmal I framtiden!

  2. Tusen tack Pia! Hoppas ni får en fin jul också! Blir det Sverige eller kvar i Dubai?